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The previously placid waters roar and rumble at great speed along the ravine before bursting out over Huka Falls to crash into the turbulent pool 11 metres below. A foot bridge right at the top of the falls puts you in a prime position to get up close and witness the powerful display of water blasting by -.

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If you'd like to see the power and fury of the falls up close, try a jet boat ride or river cruise. To follow the build up to the falls you can hike the Spa Park to Huka Falls trail, an easy one hour walk that begins where the river is still tranquil and wide.

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Passing through exotic and native forests, the track emerges again alongside the river and the roar of the falls grows louder at every turn. Around the falls there are several great vantage points from which to enjoy their full splendor and capture some very impressive photographs.

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The Huka Falls car park is about 1. Underwater hydrothermal activity continues near the Horomatangi vent, [7] and nearby geothermal fields with associated hot springs are found north and south of the lake, for example at Rotokawa and Turangi. These springs are the site of occurrence of certain extremophile micro-organisms, that are capable of surviving in extremely hot environments. The volcano is currently considered to be dormant rather than extinct because of moderate fumarole activity and hot springs along the shores of the lake. Much of the watershed of Lake Taupo is a beech and podocarp forest with associate understory ferns being Blechnum filiforme , Asplenium flaccidum , Doodia media , Hymenophyllum demissum , Microsorum pustulatum and Dendroconche scandens , and some prominent associate shrubs being Olearia ranii and Alseuosmia quercifolia.

Native faunal species in the lake include northern koura or crayfish Paranephrops planifrons and kokopu or whitebait Galaxias species. The lake is noted for stocks of brown trout Salmo trutta and rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss , introduced from Europe and California respectively in the late nineteenth century.

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There has also been a subsequent introduction of smelt Retropinnidae species as a food for the trout. A community of sponges and associated invertebrates live around the underwater geothermal vents. Tourism is a major component of Taupo's commercial sector. The busiest time for the industry is the high summer season around Christmas and New Year. The lake area has a temperate climate. Daily maximum temperatures recorded for Taupo range from an average of Taupo hosts the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge , a cycling tour around the lake which can take anywhere between four and ten hours.

Hundreds of volunteers from the Taupo township are involved in the event.


Skydiving is a popular local sport and tourist attraction. Taupo also hosts the Kellogg's Ironman event. Crossing the In , Michael Wells from Darwin, Australia, was the first to breaststroke across the lake. The cliff has become a popular tourist destination with hundreds of boats and yachts visiting the spot yearly.

Lake Taupo Hot Springs

Lake Taupo is a taonga treasure or something special to the person of Ngati Tuwharetoa from the Te Arawa waka. Ngati Tuwharetoa still owns the bed of the lake and its tributaries.


They grant the public free access for recreational use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Taupo Volcano. Department of Conservation.