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He then informed Wakefield that as Banks Peninsula and the lands about Port Cooper were subject to several undecided land claims, including those of the French or Nanto-Bordelaise Company, the Crown was not in a position to appropriate the land for the purposes of a new settlement. Wakefield rejected this alternative, and decided to place the settlement at Blind Bay, which was already within the company's territory.

A year later another examination of the Port Cooper and Banks Peninsula district, to assess its suitability for his own farming venture, was made by the William Deans, a pioneering Wellington settler who had arrived by the Aurora in Deans sailed from Wellington on 15 July on the cutter Brothers , with Captain Bruce, which served the southern whaling stations. He had found it impossible to get suitable land in Wellington and he had a very poor opinion of Nelson. Immediately after his return to Wellington he began preparations to break up his establishment at Eastbourne, on Wellington harbour, and to transfer it to Port Cooper.

Mein Smith, left Wellington to examine the harbours on the east side of the South Island. Deans' tour had been a private investigation; Captain Smith's was an official survey.

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Without his instruments he could do no surveying. He made sketches of the harbour, however, and supplied a fairly full report to Colonel Wakefield. After this, it was nearly 18 months before there was any further official investigation of Canterbury as a site for organised settlement. By the beginning of William Deans was ready to move from Wellington to the site he had chosen on the Port Cooper — the same site that had been occupied in by Harriot and McGillivray.

His brother had come out to Nelson in , but was soon convinced that Port Cooper offered better prospects. While John awaited an opportunity to go to Sydney to buy sheep and cattle, William used the schooner Richmond , chartered by Captain Sinclair and Hay, which sailed from Wellington on 10 February , taking William Deans and his two farm workers and their families to Banks Peninsula.

Hay accompanied them to look for a place to settle. Before leaving Wellington he had asked the Administrator to approve his venture. Alongside the Putaringamotu Bush they built a long slab house for the cattle and sheep that John Deans was bringing over from Sydney. The families of Gebbie and Manson were to move over to the plains in May Deans named the site Riccarton, after his native parish in Ayrshire.

He landed at Rapaki 61 head of cattle, three mares, two sows, 43 sheep — the first sheep in Canterbury. What Ebenezer Hay, the owner of Richmond , saw of Banks Peninsula and the plains, during this voyage with William Deans convinced him that he could not do better than follow his example. The schooner later sailed back and took a further group of settlers from New South Wales.

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These were the Greenwood brothers who settled at Purau. All three groups of settlers were stock-keepers rather than agriculturalists. As stock-farmers, however, they were well established by February , then having 76 cattle, three horses and 50 sheep. At Pigeon bay, which was heavily timbered, with very little open ground, only cattle-grazing was possible.

Here in , Hay had 18 cows.

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By February , they were grazing 50 cattle and sheep. Within a few years all these settlers had much larger numbers of stock. Greenwood had about sheep towards the end of and Deans' cattle had increased to head.

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At this time, Rhodes imported sheep. Thereafter the number of sheep increased rapidly. Sheep, however, appear to have been regarded as an investment for the future rather than a major source of immediate income.

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Cattle, on the other hand, not only provided prospect of a future trade in beef animals, but an immediate return from dairying. Deans, for example, built immediately at Riccarton a cowshed with ten double bails, and at the end of his first season sent a consignment of cheese to Wellington. Cheese-making was one of the main occupations of all these first farmers, not only at Riccarton, Port Cooper, and Pigeon bay, but at Rhodes's establishment at Akaroa. A trade in beef cattle developed first from Rhode's station, which was established more than three years earlier than the others, but by all of them were beginning to send fat cattle to the Wellington market.

The rental was eight pounds a year. The lease then negotiated provided for a yearly payment of six blankets and some printed calico of a total value of between three and four pounds. In return for this payment the Greenwood brothers were permitted to cultivate near their homestead at Purau , and to graze their stock on the surrounding hills. The European population of what was known officially as the Akaroa district comprising not only Akaroa but the whole of Banks Peninsula and the adjacent plains remained almost static for several years.

From a total of in , it had increased only to in Most of this small growth was accounted for by natural increase, with some slight drift of sailors and others to the village of Akaroa. Of 88 men whose occupations were listed in only 18 were land proprietors, the remainder comprising 42 farm workers shepherds, cattle-keepers etc.

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In April , Akaroa received its first large accession of British settlers, when the ship Monarch carrying emigrants bound for Auckland, was forced to put into Akaroa to repair a damaged rudder. Forty one of the Monarch' s passengers decided to remain at Akaroa. Even though the French were far outnumbered by the British , Akaroa still had a pleasantly foreign air when the first of the Canterbury Association's settlers visited it in , finding in its long-settled look and in its natural beauty of its surroundings a delightful contrast to the bleak hills of Lyttelton and the swamp wastes of Christchurch.

The first colonists or settlers sent by the Canterbury Association arrived in December on the ship Charlotte Jane. An earthquake with magnitude 7. All schools were closed until 8 September so they could be checked. Christchurch International Airport was closed following the earthquake and flights in and out of it cancelled. The earthquake was reported to have caused widespread damage and power outages. Christchurch residents reported chimneys falling in through roofs, cracked ceilings and collapsed brick walls.

A large aftershock of magnitude 6. In contrast to the September quake, the quake struck on a busy weekday afternoon. This, along with the strength of the quakes, and proximity to the city center resulted in the February earthquake causing the tragic deaths of people. Many buildings and landmarks were severely damaged, including the iconic ' Shag Rock ' and ChristChurch Cathedral.

Offers of assistance were made quickly by international bodies. The Royal New Zealand Navy was involved immediately. HMNZS Canterbury , which was docked at Lyttelton when the quake struck, was involved in providing local community assistance, in particular by providing hot meals.

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After inspection, the runway at Christchurch airport was found to be in good order. Thousands of people took up this offer to relocate temporarily in the wake of the event. Dozens of aftershocks occurred over the following days, including several over magnitude 4. Phone lines and power were lost in some suburbs, and liquefaction surfaced mainly in the eastern areas of the city which were worst affected following the aftershocks.

Further damage was reported to buildings inside the cordoned central business district, with an estimate of 75 additional buildings needing demolition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Canterbury Association. Main article: Canterbury earthquake. Main article: February Christchurch earthquake. Main article: June Christchurch earthquake. Duff, in the Moa Hunter period of Maori Culture places the end of the moa-hunter period somewhat later than this, at about the year Waimakariri District.