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Know that someone has invested time into finding genuine people for you to meet beyond the screen, and open the doors to real connection. Dating can be stressful and time consuming - think of us as your personal dating concierge.


We find you a match and even help set up your first date, so you can focus on getting to know each other. Not just an algorithm. Human intuition, insight and careful consideration is taken to find genuine matches, handpicked for you. We look at the whole picture, not just a profile picture. Don't be surprised if we get in touch during the process to check in, clarify or run something past you. No catfishers! Our members are open-minded, personable, attractive not just physical , and available.

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They are making an effort to form a real connection, and are open to being their most authentic self during the introductory process. Using numerous online dating sites can cost you not only time, but a lot of money, and sometimes you only get an online chat out of it. Without breaking the bank, take comfort in knowing your dating concierge is working hard behind the scenes for you, hoping for your 'happily ever after'.

We're just a text, call or email away and our service doesn't end with match-making. If you're worried about making the right first impression, we have several professionals on the team to help enhance your 'dateability', including a personal stylist, a hair and makeup consultant, and mindset and confidence coaches.

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Our members are genuinely looking for meaningful relationships beyond the screen. Join as a client or a member and instantly join a database of singles ready to find love. Discover a real connection. Find out if there is a social club at work. If not, think about starting one. Kiwis value it if you take the initiative. Local projects, where you work for a common benefit and shared goal, are great at bringing people together and creating bonds.

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There is always a lot to be done in the community and the projects that community groups and school committees work on are usually very social. Another great way to get involved with your community is to get to know your neighbours. Having friendly faces around you can really help settle you into life in New Zealand. Volunteering in New Zealand. These informal local groups offer various activities, from coffee mornings to walking groups.

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There are newcomers networks around New Zealand. If there are none nearby, you can get help with starting one. Helping your children make friends and getting involved in their activities is not just important for them. It is a great way for parents to meet other adults too. In New Zealand, parents with children help each other a lot. It is a great shortcut to building up a circle of acquaintances who may become friends.

Getting involved in the hobbies and interests you had at home is an excellent way to meet new people. Search online for the New Zealand versions of the clubs and communities you used to be involved with - or try something new! Yes, many of us are crazy about sport. You will find lots of opportunities to join teams and meet people that way. Workplaces sometimes have sports teams, or you can join a club.

If you do not play sport you can always take part as a volunteer. It is commonly referred to as night classes - even though many are held during the day. ACE offers reasonably-priced tutored classes which do not necessarily lead to a qualification but teach you about a hobby or general interest topic.

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Adult Community Education. Each member reads a book on their own. There are groups for people who have been learning English for a while and want to practise, as well as intercultural groups designed for people from a range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Find a book group BDS. Online communities are great ways to share experiences and meet others, whether they are used to organise events or to give or get advice.

Find your people Meetup. Federation of Business and Professional Women.

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Get an understanding of the cultural, sporting and outdoor experiences available for you here in New Zealand. Read more. Your feedback is very important in helping us improve the New Zealand Now website. Skip to main content. Move to New Zealand. NZ Ready planning tool NZ Ready is a free online tool to help you plan your move to New Zealand, ensuring you know how things work here and have a hassle-free move. Live in New Zealand. Work in New Zealand. Study in New Zealand. Invest and innovate in New Zealand. Live in New Zealand Tips for settling in. Page index. Meeting people. Building friendships When you are new in a country, it is often easier to stick with your own culture and make most of your friends among people who are like you - from your own country or ethnic group.