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They performed at the rest home on Monday and brought a smile to everyone's faces. Morena I am aware a number of parents are concerned about covid in the community. I have contacted the Ministry of Waikato Health unit and have had confirmation that there are two confirmed cases in Tokoroa. However they have no connection with our schools and are connected to the Auckland cluster. If you feel concerned and wish to be tested to get confirmation for yourself and whanau you are welcome to collect your child.

We have been told our children are safe here at s We are practicing covid level 2 practices and are aware there will be Public announcement at 5. Please stay calm we have it in in hand. To keep our students, staff and whanau safe please follow these guidelines:. Children need to bring their own named water bottle as the water fountains will be turned off from tomorrow on.

Races will start at Students will return to school by bus and be released early about 2 pm. We have decided to hold it today as the forecast for tomorrow is for rain. Yes, it is an all weather sport, but we do not want to risk the health of our students and staff by being outside getting wet and sick. For free delivery you will have to order by Sunday, 19th July. All photo orders will be sent to the school. It has been wonderful back at school with your children.

New Zealand will move to Covid Alert Level 1 at midnight, meaning there will be another new way of living for New Zealanders to get used to. Border controls remain in place, with compulsory managed quarantine for anyone entering the country. Only New Zealanders and permanent residents and their families are allowed to enter the country. Our Zui Assembly to the whole school. The house captains really stepped up and made a fabulous presentation.

They are really having to experiment to keep their audience engaged. Well done team. Together in Success. Jump to. It does not break down this genomic testing over time. But just assume there is no genome sequence for 40 of the roughly cases that came into MIQ in the 3 months prior to the lockdown. Is it any wonder we have not been able to link the outbreak back to an imported case from MIQ.

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IMHO we did not care enough to get a quality sample from the average 1 positive case per day in MIQ to get the genome sequence. How do you know they didn't care to do it? I think the viral load needs to be higher to get a sequence.

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But I haven't seen that they tried to reswab those where they initially failed to get a sequence. Because they had maybe a few hundred people arriving at MIQ every day. All to be tested by dedicated nurses at each MIQ facility. All of them at least twice. Why not train the sample takers to take a sample that WILL be suitable for genome sequencing.

Maybe request a second sample immediately from those that test positive if their first sample was not OK for sequencing. Or make sure their next required test is of the right quality The most likely path for Covid19 coming into the community is through MIQ.

Then figure out how it happened and stop it happening again. Its almost like we don't want to know in this case. Better we just keep saying the word Americold because it sounds like America and we all know it's Trumps fault. WAJ; I think they can't match the bugs up, as for a month in June they did no testing at the border,on around cases, so there is no matching possible for the virus that was stupidly let in.

Not surprising that the bug crops up randomly a month or two after this massive failure. And may continue to do so at great expense. I'd like one of the reporters to ask the obvious question: "Who is actually in charge here? This government is an incompetent shambles. If they can't even do the simple things right, then how can we trust them to do the highly complex things right?

This time it's not just ordinary anger, no siree. Not even very angry as she recently was at the warehouse for laying off staff like so many other businesses. This is another whole level of hyper serious angry, up even from the incandescently angry when she assured the country that front line staff were being tested when in reality it was a Hipkins fantasy tale. This, little children, is 'incredible' anger.

The real deal. It has happened, finally. The option of protecting the vulnerable and deliberately letting the virus spread through low risk groups can occur concomitantly with opening the boarders and normalising the economy. Realistically though, for NZ this can only be done during the non-flu season ie.

In this respect keeping NZ COVID free during winter was a good move, provided the time and financial resources were used wisely to prepare more ICU beds, and telegraphing intentions to the public. If NZ misses the boat this summer then we'll fall far behind the rest of the world. A year will be an eternity for the economy with closed boarders, zero inbound foreign tourists and periodic lockdowns paralysing the economy.

Pro voluntary euthanasia, and for those with diagnosed terminal conditions.. I still don't understand why the "CovidCard" can't be rolled out on a mandatory basis, seems to be an easy to use, unobtrusive method of tracing.

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  • Imagine the covidiots and conspracists then, if they aren't taking up the current app, can you imagine them with this? It's the covidiots that will ruin all of this. Don't know enough about how it functions to comment otherwise. The card is a non geo stamping.

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    I understand why people won't download the Covid app due to "Big Brother" concerns and that's fair enough. The card registers when it's close to within 1 mtr of another card and records the serial of the other card. That's all it does.

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    If a card wearer tests positive the serial s of any other card that was close within 1 mtr can be downloaded and traced. I wouldn't expect the conspiracy theorists infecting Facebook to believe that the card does not trace everything they do. That's one problem. Given the other stuff they spout about the government's response this does not demand a stretch of the imagination.

    Just so sick of comments like this. If we all do the mask, hygiene, distance and track thing, we can still deal to this. Letting it run riot will mean we are just another covid ridden country, there will be no advantage for us in a world that will be much shrunk economically. The problem is the track thing is being done by a bunch of bureaucrats that cannot and will not innovate to get a better result. Really sensible article here on what is wrong with the tracing.

    Our response to the crisis can only determine the magnitude of financial damage and number of excess deaths. I find your type of idealistic thinking dangerous because of the incredible cost burden to society when the naive approach inevitably doesn't work. With our geographical location if we just become another covid country we will have nothing to offer a financially constricted world. It is our best and unique shot with this.

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    How's that working out for the people of North Korea? Agree, that was weird. News for news advertising revenue's sake? Seemed like it was approached sensibly. I asked an elderly relative about their experience of the pandemic from here in NZ. Wasn't really an issue they noticed here, yet it killed many around the world. What does that mean for us? Is there a timeframe after which COVID's virulence would cease to be an issue that prevents us opening up en masse? Nah, you can't "deal to it". Just like flu still circulates yearly despite a vaccine.

    You learn to coexist with it and develop treatments Admit that this whole "total war" thing we have got going on, is great for jingoistic soundbites and hammy sports cliches, but it's not a rational long term strategy. It made sense for a while 6 months ago when we knew nothing about the virus, now it's just immature. Plague and lockdown needed 2. Lockdown crucifies economy 3. The drive will be directed against hundreds of brothels Feel free to share your red light area experience for fellow members. Both prostitutes and brothels pay taxes, and brothels need to have a permit.

    I only ask because I haven't heard much of people meeting and hooking up with girls from clubs, just guys getting horny and letting their loads off on hookers. Prostitution in New Zealand Earth doucumentary video The authorities tolerated brothels, euphemistically referring to them as "commercial room rental. The programme instructed sex workers to refuse intercourse without a condom, and monitored health clinic statistics in order to locate brothels that allow sex without condoms. It became an area with many pubs and brothels.