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The patchy distribution of infection ahead of the main infection front as well as the patchiness of new mortality along the eastern axis in and Figure 4a , b , shows that the advancing front of infection was not always clearly defined.

Infection could move ahead of the front, leaving some uninfected populations of oysters behind it. These populations had not been infected initially; nevertheless they appeared to have been mostly destroyed by the disease by the time the epizootic had run its course Figures 4c , 4d , 3g. Where turbulence and other processes are important in the spread of a disease, the tail of the contact distribution exceeds the exponential distribution and approaches the chi-square distribution.

Within the strong tidal flow of Foveaux Strait, turbulent processes could have been important in the spread of the epizootic over the distances separating dense patches of oysters probably in the range of m to 5 km. The pattern of spread of infection found here suggests that turbulence as well diffusion close to the seafloor has been important in distributing infective particles, and that the contact distribution is more extreme than the exponential distribution.

The epizootic model predicts that disease mortality will be higher and spread of disease will be faster when the density of the oysters is high, although the modelling of Murray et al. Estimates of the size of the oyster population and oyster density have only been available since , with the first precise dredge survey of Foveaux Strait. Since then, however, surveys have shown population size, area of the fishery, and density of oysters has decreased Cranfield et al. The escalating mortality, greater spread, and increasing frequency of the epizootics between and the present, when oyster density has been greatly reduced, therefore suggest that other stressors have increased the susceptibility of oysters to disease, so epizootics were triggered at lower oyster densities.

If the earlier epizootics were real events, then these stressors were less apparent in the early days of the fishery, as these epizootics occurred amongst populations of oysters with much higher densities, yet they remained very small-scale events that were highly localized. The slow spread of bonamiasis in Foveaux Strait contrasts with the spread of other marine epizootics. Among sedentary marine invertebrates, the spread of directly transmitted, diseases is dependent on transport by water and the rate of spread is much slower.

Although bonamiasis caused by Bonamia ostreae appears to have spread very rapidly through populations of Ostrea edulis in Europe, this pathogen was introduced in infected oysters O. Oyster density appeared to have started rebuilding in southern areas of Foveaux Strait in Figure 3h and continued to do so in Figure 3i.

By , oyster density had also rebuilt at the original focus of infection and other areas on which the epizootic had killed all oysters compare Figure 3g , h , and i. Benthic habitat was either regenerating on the seafloor areas on which oyster density rebuilt, or these areas were close to areas that could provide propagules that could expedite regeneration Cranfield et al. Regeneration of benthic habitat was closely linked to the rebuilding of oyster density Cranfield et al.

Hine considered that the annual pattern of infection of Ostrea chilensis by Bonamia exitiosa , and the close relationship between the life history of B. Furthermore, B.

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This evidence points to B. If this is true, the oyster population of Foveaux Strait would be well adjusted to co-exist with the disease agent. Hine considered that effects of fishing on benthic habitat might have stressed oysters, substantially lowering their resistance to the disease. Over the period of these escalating epizootics — , dredging for oysters has progressively modified the benthic habitat of Foveaux Strait, suggesting that there may be some interaction between disease outbreaks and the benthic habitat Cranfield et al.

The — epizootic commenced in oyster populations that had been fished intensively for years so benthic habitat was likely to have been highly modified and ceased in populations around the margin of oyster distribution that had been little fished up to that time and where by catch indicated that benthic habitat was little modified Cranfield et al. Similar escalating disease mortality in oysters in Chesapeake Bay has been attributed to modification of oyster habitat by fishing Rothschild et al.

Dredging itself is a stressor of Ostrea edulis infected by Bonamia ostreae , van Banning having found dredging of one of two comparably infected oyster beds in the Netherlands resulted in a much higher level of infection than on the undredged bed. Dredging for O. Each oyster vessel tows two kg double-bit double ring bag dredges in a circular path to stay on the same position , remaining fishing the same position until the catch rate is no longer commercially acceptable. Over recent years the value of oysters has risen, so very low densities of oysters are commercially acceptable now and fishing pressure has intensified accordingly.

We have no precise data on actual fishing positions of individual vessels, but Cranfield et al. Commercial oyster dredges capture only one-fifth of the recruited oysters on the seafloor Doonan et al. Undersized oysters are sorted by hand on the deck of the vessel and quickly returned to the sea, so a large proportion of oysters of all sizes are subjected to disturbance each season.

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Hine et al. They found significantly elevated levels of B. Good recruitment of oysters has contributed to the rapid recovery of the fishery in some areas after epizootics. Benthic habitat has also been found to regenerate rapidly in some areas when fishing ceased and management strategies such as rotational fishing and habitat enhancement could accelerate the recovery Cranfield et al. If the mechanical disturbance of dredging stresses oysters and predisposes them to infection by B. Lighter dredges would also reduce the modification of habitat, probably further reduce the chance of disease outbreaks, and accelerate recovery of the oyster population by enhancing recruitment.

The oyster fishery could have a better chance of recovery and a disease-free future if such strategies were to be developed. The oyster industry could establish the benefit of such strategies by testing them experimentally on the scale of the fishery Cranfield et al. We also thank Don Robertson and Dave Gilbert for reviewing the initial report and for their helpful comments as well as Ben Diggles who reviewed the paper and offered many helpful suggestions for its improvement, and two anonymous reviewers, who also suggested improvements.

The Ministry of Fisheries funded sampling and preliminary analysis of data in this project as part of the contract OYS Google Scholar. Google Preview. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. Joongbu University. Sign In. Advanced Search. Search Menu. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation.

Volume Article Contents Abstract. Area and methods. Cranfield , H. Oxford Academic. Cite Cite H. Select Format Select format. Permissions Icon Permissions. Open in new tab Download slide. Location of Foveaux Strait within New Zealand.

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Table 1 Numbers of stations sampled by dredging between and and used in kriging prevalence of infection and distribution of living oysters, new clocks and all clocks in Figure 3. Prevalence stations. Oyster stations. Area sampled km 2. Open in new tab. A yield model for the Foveaux Strait oyster Ostrea lutaria fishery. Report from the Fishery Plenary, May stock assessments and yield estimates.


Google Scholar Crossref. Search ADS. Haemocytic parasitosis: morphology and pathology of lesions in the French flat oyster, Ostrea edulis L. Observations on bonamiasis in the stock of the European flat oyster, Ostrea edulis in the Netherlands, with special reference to the recent developments in Lake Grevelingen.

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Bonamia exitiosa Hine et al. The biology of the oyster, Ostrea lutaria , and the oyster fishery of Foveaux Strait. Conseil Permanent International pour l'Exploration de la Mer. Promising signs of regeneration of blue cod and oyster habitat changed by dredging in Foveaux Strait, southern New Zealand. Assessment of the effects of mortality due to Bonamia on the oyster population of Foveaux Strait in and the outlook for management in Effects of dredging for oysters on the distribution of bryozoan biogenic reefs and associated sediments in Foveaux Strait, southern New Zealand.

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Larvae of the incubatory oysters Tiostrea chilensis Bivalvia: Ostreidae in the plankton of central and southern New Zealand. Changes in the distribution of epifaunal reefs and oysters during years of dredging for oysters in Foveaux Strait, southern New Zealand. Foveaux Strait oysters Tiostrea chilensis : distribution of oysters and prevalence of infection by Bonamia sp. Girl, says you look long Then he's like psych! Seeking Understanding Women Married Men We discussed marriage prior to me going there and knew in my heart that Jesus brought us together.

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