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Studies are also being carried out into possible tsunamis on the larger inland lakes, particularly from landslides.

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The predicted tsunami return periods for New Zealand based on all available data from are: 1 metre every 7. Research indicates a tsunami of 3. Research indicates a tsunami from a second mega-thrust earthquake on the southern Hikurangi margin of the Pacific plate struck the east coast of lower North Island and upper South Island.

It was smaller than the event. They had been gathering fish at the Waiau River mouth in autumn as provisions for the winter period. The beach runs between the sea and a line of cliffs meaning that only a moderate tsunami of 2—4 metres high would have been needed to cause so many deaths.

The likely source of the tsunami could have been an earthquake on the Fiordland or Puysegur faults. There are questions around the exact date of this event as it is reliant entirely on unverified unnamed sources. In sealers in Dusky Sound experienced a large earthquake that had aftershocks that went into the following year. The earthquake descriptions are considered consistent with a 7.

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A tsunami or seiche caused by the uplift impacted the area where the sealers were. Its size has not been determined but it must have been significant greater than 1 metre to concern the sealers. They thought the small island on which they were residing was going to be swamped. There are questions around the accuracy of the year this event occurred. The uplift from the earthquake on 23 January tilted the Wellington Region and with it Wellington Harbour. The eastern side of the harbour moved 80 centimetres higher than the western side displacing the water into the shoreline along Lambton Quay and flooding its houses and shops.

In Cook Strait there was a much greater displacement. The Remutaka Range had risen about 6 metres and with it, the floor of the strait had been uplifted. About 20 minutes after the earthquake a metre high tsunami entered Wellington harbour through its narrow entrance and also across the Lyall Bay to Kilbirnie area. For eight hours subsequent to the first and great shock, the tide approached and receded from the shore every 20 minutes, rising from eight to ten feet and receding four feet lower than at spring tides.

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One ship, I heard, was aground at her anchorage four times. The action of the earthquake and its tsunami destroyed the bridge across the Hutt River. The tsunami created by the quake reached New Zealand 15 hours later and caused substantial damage on the Chatham Islands and Banks Peninsula.

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News of the effect on the Chathams did not reach the mainland until 27 August when the schooner Rifleman reached Port Chalmers. Fortunately the first wave was small enough to awaken the sleeping villagers enabling them to make it to safety. Subsequent waves carried out the destruction. Captain Anderson, who had a house about four miles from Tupuangi lost his house, but he and his family were able to reach safety. Thomas Hay, a local sheep farmer also lost all he had. Buildings at Waitangi were also damaged including Beamish's accommodation house and the Government store.

He woke up Captain Jenkins her Captain and he found that the harbour between the wharf and Officers Point was dry. Minutes later there was a thundering noise from the direction of Officers Point and both she and Mr Webb saw an enormous wave powering its way into the harbour.

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The power and ferocity of the wave snapped a number of boats warps , snapped the John Knox' s mooring chain and drove her into the jetty, dragged the ketch Margaret into the harbour where she fouled the schooner Annie Brown , damaged the schooner Jeanie Duncan and the steamer Novalty. The tide kept rising and falling in the harbour for some hours after the initial wave. The bays around Banks Peninsula were also impacted by the tsunami which penetrated far inland along valleys, damaging homes and carrying away bridges and fences.

On the Waimakariri River a 1. The schooner Challenge broke away from her wharf and collided with the Gazelle. The William and Julia were lifted onto the river bank and the Nora and Dart broke free from their wharf. After the tsunami Ferdinand von Hochstetter undertook a detailed analysis of the tsunami.

He charted its progress across the Pacific determining wave speeds and the ocean depth along several paths. It was the first detailed scientific analysis of a major tsunami. In the Evening Post carried a letter which suggested Westport had been submerged under a metre high wave, with the old township now lying metres under the sea. This story was later modified in the Colonist by its writer to being associated with the Arica earthquake with the sea at Westport receding some 7—8 metres and a returning wave of much less significance.

Both harbours reported tidal waves with the one at Nelson over-topping the Boulder Bank. The wave was estimated to be just over a metre in height. The paper also reported that the tidal wave had impacted numerous South Island ports. On 10 May at UTC a magnitude 8. This includes a longstanding group of stalwarts plus all their Heads of School. They have a strong focus on helping their local community. When they have fund raising events please get in behind them. Attendance at Meetings 1 Cancellation - Meetings are sometimes cancelled for a variety of reasons.

To confirm whether a meeting is on, please ring the Democracy Services Manager on 04 or toll free on Bookings are essential. Please book ahead with the Democracy Services Advisor — online booking form can be found on website.

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People who book ahead for Public Speaking will be given precedence over those who do not. Wayne Maxwell Chief Executive. The College Alumni Trust anticipates re-scheduling the event for later this year. He also owns a local business and through this employs a large number of local people. He has also been a player and coach of New Zealand Canoe Polo teams. Peter is a very humble man, who gives his time freely to his community. Jackie is also very humble, gives her time freely to her community.

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Then after school more training with her Dad. With statistics like that Kiri is well placed to reach her goal to play in the New Zealand White Sox. Naomi Shaw and Kiri Shaw, was a chance for exposure and potential scouting for players interested in going to college in the USA. Still only 16 years old Kiri was selected into the Tournament Team. Again Kiri made.

Kiri is an infielder, shortstop, catcher but is being taken as an outfielder for the Junior White Sox. Kiri is Ngati Raukawa on both her father and mothers side. If you or your business can help sponsor Kiri, contact Helena Winiata on clarryandhelena icloud. Know when to shut your eyes and open your mouth Hazards of a Sunset Stroll. He yanked a tissue from his pocket and snorted into it. I was soon to be informed. Fumes and dust stirred up by a procession of vehicles! Some motorists charge through the loose shingle with no consideration at all for pedestrians on the track.

He shook his head and wiped grit from an eye. I gazed at my friend admiringly.