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Oamaru is intriguing. If nothing else, I want to take my children to that playground. Very unique and different and I am always up for an adventure. I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand one day.

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The headquarter is majestic, and the giant penny farthing is peculiar! The area is magical!! I would enjoy the view of the blue ocean with the St Lukes Church in sight. I love a quirky town and it seems Oamaru has quirks by the bucketload. What a fun looking place. I can never figure out exactly who would ride a penny farthing, probably because my legs are really short! Wow, I had no idea Steampunk had a capital anywhere, but this was so interesting, thank you!

He loves Steampunk so this seems like a great place to stop for a night or two. Thanks for your post! Thank you for the super comprehensive write up! I love that playground. So unique and definitely fits in the entire steampunk theme. Making note of this for when we finally do make it to New Zealand! Definitely adding both to my list. Great article.

It looks like a beautiful spot to visit. The steampunk museum looks like a fascinating place that I know my teenage son would love to visit!

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I know I would too! Thank you for giving me another place to add to my New Zealand list. My teenage daughter loved it too, or course so did Jeff and I. Never knew there was such a thing as a Steampunk Museum let alone it being in New Zealand.

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We would all love to visit the Steampunk HQ, especially our son. It looks really cool and lots of fun. Can you imagine riding a penny farthing that tall?! New Zealand looks amazing, but I love how different Oamaru looks to the stereotypical images of the country. I love the black and white couple photo as well. Very true, this is a country of do-it-yourselfers and people who enjoy things like Steampunk. It crosses into our world often as one of my girls is a LARPer. Such a pleasure to visit somewhere historical where the buildings themselves make you feel like you travelled back in time.

What an utterly cool setting for the Steampunk HQ!

What a lovely Victoria city with grand architecture and such rich history. Never in a million years i thought there was a steampunk vibe this huge in New Zealand! That was very interesting! Some elements can also be seen in the Mad Max movies. I wonder why on earth do you find this museum in this particular town? And is it a private museum? I think the Steampunk compliments the Victorian architecture beautifully. I think it seems a natural fit.

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It was a private museum with an entrance fee. It was smaller than the smallest market we encountered when we were living in a long-term home exchange house in Spain. What a great place to visit. A great way to learn about history. The particular ones in Oamaru are Penny-farthings. I am not sure if we have ever been to Oamaru.

It is definitely a town to go on our list for our next visit to the Sth Island. I first heard of steam punk early this year when it featured as a theme in the Chatswood area for Vivid Sydney. It is fascinating — if confusing — stuff. I would love to see the playground you photographed. The Steampunk Museum has only been there for a few years. It was the Penny-farthings I remembered. Quite a strange name, I have to say.

A very pleasant town though, with lots of interesting things to do.

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I would have surely liked to walk by those Victorian style houses and be taken back in time. This looks like quite the interesting city, though, and I think I would most enjoy eating at The Galley and visiting the museum. I have been to a Steampunk convention in Auckland, but like you, I was surprised to learn about a museum when I was researching the South Island. Weird but amazing.

They relaxed me just looking them both. See ya Rhonda. The lookout and the gardens are both beautiful, but we found the entire town to be slow and relaxing. What a unique town. And a really interesting place to have a steampunk museum. There were just too many other places that called out to me louder than NZ. But that steampunk museum in Oamaru alone would be worth a trip! I love steampunk.

Love Steampunk and have read a few Books but never seen a Musium advertised here. Looks like a nice untouched area.